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Cabo Matapalo, El Tumbo de las Olas

Audio recordings from the bungalow

Calm jungle nights, crickets, ocean in the distance, random branches, pods and leaves falling on the roof...
(There may also be an occasional cough or sniffle from the cold I had, or even some dreamy footsteps from a headlamp trip to the bathroom. I tried to edit them all out...)
Overnight recording #2 has howler monkeys at 4:24:26 and 5:14:09 to the end.

Overnight 1 4:49:17

Overnight 2 5:29:40

Crickets, ocean sound, howler monkeys (dawn #1 in particular), the Grey-necked Wood Rail! (15:10, dawn #2), loud cicadas, various other birds...

Dawn 1 1:30:22

Dawn 2 1:17:46

And an especially intense dawn vibration here! Reminding me of my first night/morning...
... loud entrancing long waves of cicadas, an occasional scream from a monkey, some howler monkeys, distant ocean...

Dawn 3 10:30

Dusk, cicadas... 22:34

Howler monkey close range :39


Gulfo Dolce, Iguana Lodge

Audio recordings from the beach house

Gentle night sounds, ocean waves... maybe some human sounds... I tried to edit them all out...

Overnight 1 6:16:10

Overnight 2 6:15:35


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