The cup phonograph kit by Gakken you can purchase through Ebay for less than $30. With shipping from Japan it comes out to less than $60 total. Takes about 3 hours to assemble and records on to plastic cups for the duration of their size, which is little over a minute. You have to play, sing, or what have you into the "horn" as loud as you can in order for the vibrations to resonate enough through the extra-sharp weighted needle into the grooves of the cup being cut. When you play back the cup, you change the angle of the needle in order not to continually dig into the grooves each time. The sound is pretty garbled but it's there! Makes you think about other surfaces over time which have recorded vibrations into them... The kit comes with only five cups, which look like your typical plastic cups, but they aren't. I'm still looking for more the right kind... Anyhow, a great toy.