On the one hand, you would say, well, who wants art for art's sake? Oviously, we want an art that's of some use in the world that will help transform people, that will help feed people around the world or give them a better soul sensibility, increase their vision, their eyesight, their lives, make their lives richer and fuller.

But the minute that you have a sense of art as doing that or being that, you have so delimited it that it almost cannot be just exactly what it is that you want it to be. And here's how it can't. It can't because it has a job extracurricular to its just existing. And then people say, well, if you're just interested in an art that's just something that's just like being an art -- art for art's sake, they call it -- well then that seems very selfish. That's not helping to save the world and so on. But in fact, it is because it is permitting an art just to be what it is. That is to say, to be something like a flower might exist in the world, or a sunset, or like a whole upheaval. Like the ring of fire exploding.

And I had the sense that this was given to me to do, and that it would be unfair to hide this, not to share it with others. And yet it wasn't something that I felt that I was performing. I was giving back something of what was given to me to do, is all that it is. In a way, it's so simple that it's hard to express. My making just begins happening. And it begins happening when I'm trembling or excited about something beyond being able to contain myself. And there's nothing really very fancy about it. It just happens to be the thing that I do.

I'm so grateful that I've just been enabled to make things and not have to have them be responsible for things that they can't be, in a way...