Be loose: remember this word as deeply as possible. Let it penetrate you: Be loose - so that in every situation you can flow, easily, water-like; remain loose like water. So don't create a pattern - but the whole of society tries to create a pattern, and all the religions try to create a pattern. Only a very few persons have been courageous enough to say the truth, and the truth is: Be loose and natural! If you are loose you will be natural, of course.

All techniques can be helpful but they are just a groping in the dark. Suddenly one day, doing something, you will become a witness. You will sit silently behind, you will watch it - that day meditation has happened; that day technique is no longer a hindrance, no longer a help. You can enjoy it if you like, like an exercise, it gives a certain vitality, but there is no need now - now the real meditation has happened. Meditation is witnessing. To meditate means to become a witness. Meditation is not a technique at all! But you need techniques because that final understanding is very far away from you; hidden deep within you, but still very far away from you. Right this moment you can attain it, but you will not attain it, because your moment goes on, your mind goes on. Techniques will bridge the gap, they are just to bridge the gap. So in the beginning techniques are meditations; in the end you will laugh, techniques are not meditation. Meditation is a totally different quality of being, it has nothing to do with anything. But it will happen only in the end, don't think it has happened in the beginning, otherwise the gap will not be bridged.

Watch the mind and see where it is, what it is. You will feel thoughts floating and there will be intervals. And if you watch long, you will see that the intervals are more than the thoughts, because each thought has to be separate from another thought; in fact, each word has to be separate from another word. The deeper you go, the more and more gaps you will find, bigger and bigger gaps. A thought floats, then comes a gap where no thought exists; then another thought comes, another gap follows. And in those gaps, satoris happen. In those gaps the Truth knocks at your door. Thoughts exist separate from you, they are not one with your nature, they come and go - you remain, you persist. You are like the blue sky: it never comes, never goes, it is always there. Clouds come and go, they are momentary phenomena, they are not eternal. Even if you try to cling to a thought, you cannot retain it for long, it has to go, it has its own birth and death. Thoughts are not yours, they don't belong to you. They come as visitors, guests, but they are not the host.

To become so receptive, this can be a great force in your life. Explanations differ as to what happens - that is not important. The deepest explanation that I find true is that your own highest center possesses your lowest unconscious mind. You ask and your own inner being answers. Nobody else is there, but your inner being, which is very superior to you. Your own innermost being is your ultimate flowering possibility.

All meditations are to become centered, not to be eccentric, to come to your own center. Listen to your inner voice, feel it, and move with that feeling. By and by, you can laugh at others' opinions, or you can be simply indifferent. And once you become centered you become a powerful being; then nobody can prod you, then nobody can push you anywhere - simply, nobody dares. You are such a power, centered in yourself, that anyone who comes with an opinion simply forgets his opinion near you; anybody who comes to push you somewhere simply forgets that he had come to push you. Rather, just coming near you he starts feeling overpowered by you. That's how even a single man can become so powerful that the whole society, the whole history, cannot push him a single inch. Not that he is stubborn, no, he is simply centered in his own being - and he knows what is good for him, and he knows what is blissful for him. It has already happened; now he cannot be allured towards new goals, no salesmanship can allure him to any other goal. He has found his home. He can listen to you patiently but you cannot move him. He is centered.