Look what is happening in the world - we are being conditioned by society, by the culture in which we live, and that culture is the product of man - there is nothing holy, or divine, or eternal about culture. Culture, society, books, radios, all that we listen to and see, the many influences of which we are either conscious or unconscious, all these encourage us to live within a very small fragment of the vast field of the mind. Unless we bring about a radical change in this fragmentation there can be no revolution at all; there will be modifications, economic, social and so-called cultural but man will go on suffering. Then when you see, you must question yourself, and that is why it is very important to understand how you See - how the total mind can act. There is no method. Any method, system, repetition or habit, is essentially only part of the corner of the field. Please do realize this, because when you realize it, you are free of the enormous weight of all authority, and so free of the past.

The past is implicit in our culture, which we think is so wonderful (the tradition, the beliefs, the memories, the obedience to it), and all that is put aside completely, forever, when you realize there is no method of any kind to bring freedom from the "little corner". But you have to learn all about the little corner. Then you are free of the burden which makes you insensitive. It is you yourself who have to find out, not according to somebody else, so you are free from any supposition, from any theology.