It's fine that you are all deep into music. But there's something deeper and if you would go deeper, if you go to the source of where the music is being made, you'll find something even more interesting. At the source, everyone's individual music is made. If you ask what the deep place is, it's your own life and it's knowing your own life, that own way that you live....You all have to give up the idea of wanting to become good or great at music. I'm 71, but it has taken me 50 years to develop my own kind of breathing. And so instead of wanting to get great really quickly, you have to be willing to work at music for many, many years. It is taking your own health, your own power, your own strength, and training it and moving it, which is the deeper aspect of music. The reason that we use sounds is to get to the basics of human life, of the human health and the strength... The movement of the life force, the movement that comes out of the instrument, is just simply your own pulse. When you hear some music or hear some sound, if for some reason you like it very well, the reason is that sound is in balance or in harmony with your pulse. And so making a sound, you try to make various different sounds that imitate those of the universe, but what you are finally making is your own sound, the sound of yourself.