What I want is always the same: a music whose cognizance is not a question of some privelaged intellectual training but just of compositional clarity and consistency, a music at once the expression and the aesthetic shape of a curiosity willing to reflect on eveything, but also so placed as to unmask any progressive illusion - art as freedom effected in a time of unfreedom.

Whatever may sound is understood as twofold: it is material derived and transformed from the phonetic in many ways, and at the same time it is the debris of the traditional stock of affective gestures, newly considered as the sonic connection of acoustic fields that are variously articulated from within, like various volcanoes that heat up or cool down. Meditteranean sound-landscape in inhospitable heights; a 'pastoral' written in thinking over what linked me to the composer [his teacher, Luigi Nono, who had died in 1990] of Hay que caminar