False greatness is cold and inaccessible; aware of its weakness, it hides itself or at least does not reveal itself boldly, letting only enough of it be seen as is necessary to impress and to keep from appearing what it really is: simply pettiness. True greatness is free, easy, and familiar, letting itself be touched and handled. It loses nothing from being seen at close range; the more it is known, the more it is admired; through kindness it stoops to the level of inferiors and effortlessly returns to its original position. At times it yields, neglects itself, gives up its advantages, always able to pick them up again and make the most of them. It can laugh, joke, and play, but always without loss of dignity. It is approached with freedom and restraint together; its character is noble and open, inspired respect and confidence, and makes princes appear to us as great and even very great without making us feel that we are small.