I just saw “Fando & Lis” again. Thirty years later I am impressed with the intensity of my artistic determination. It is a pure piece of art without any concession. I didn’t care about how the audience would react. Whether they’d be bored or shocked. I didn’t care about all the technical research, like finding a rhythm for a scene for the sake of the audience. I didn’t work with the audience in mind. I just did it with all my guts. You can see the result. I am proud of this film because it is real. In Mexico, no one expected such a film. People literally, literally wanted to kill me! I had to rush out of the Acapulco Film Festival hidden in a car because they wanted to lynch me.

- from alejandro jodorowsky efimero panico

We do not really live in the world; we live in a language. We think that we are intelligent because we can manipulate ideas and that things become known and real because we are able to define them - but if we really want our life to change, we must undergo a mutation of the mind, opening the doors of intuition and creative energies so that our unconscious becomes an ally.

from The Spriritual Life of Alejandro Jodorowsky