This is the first dimension of a new art-form. New because it is a blend of the East and West. The art-forms of the past represent one particular country and one particular people. But since America is the melting pot of many countries and many peoples, the art-forms of the past are not suitable as basics for the development of the true American music. America is a composite nation and only a composite music can represent the real America. THIS IS THE MUSIC.

from Super-Sonic Jazz

The Differences

Sometimes in the amazing ignorance
I hear things and see things
I never knew I saw and heard before
Sometimes in the ignorance
I feel the meaning
Invincible invisible wisdom,
And I commune with intuitive instinct
With the force that made life be
And since it made life be
It is greater than life
And since it let extinction be
It is greater than extinction.
I commune with feelings more than
For there is nothing else to ask for
That companionship is
And it is superior to any other is.
Sometimes in my amazing ignorance
Others see me only as they care to see
I am to them as they think
According the standard I should not be
And that is the difference between I and them
Because I see them as they are to is
And not the seeming isness of the was.

The Endless Realm

I have nothing
How really is I am....
Nothing is mine.
How treasured rich am I
I have the treasure of nothing....
Vast endless nothing
That branches out into realm beyond realm.
This and these are mine
Together they are nothing.

The idea of nothing
The notion of nations

I have the treasure of nothing
All of it is mine.
He who would build a magic world
Must seek my exchange bar
In order to partake of my endless
Treasure from my endless realm of nothing.