"The worst thing," she said, "is that he stopped studying law after all the sacrifices we made to support him."
But the doctor thought this was splendid proof of an overwhelming vocation: the only force capable of competing with the power of love. And more than any other the artistic vocation, the most mysterious of all, to which one devotes one's entire life without expecting anything in return.
"It is something that one carries inside from the moment one is born, and opposing it is the worst thing for one's health," he said. And he put on the finishing touches with the enchanting smile of an irredeemable Mason: "A priest's vocation must be like this."

Living to Tell the Tale

I believed I did not need good luck to write well. I did not care about glory, or money, or old age, because I was sure I was going to die very young, and in the street. It was not necessary to demonstrate facts... was enough for the author to have written something for it to be true, with no proofs other than the power of his talent and the authority of his voice.