from The Book of Balance and Harmony

The primordial true awareness
Should be brought to the center of consciousness.
There is no more need for arbitrary speculation.
At the peak of illumination, watch the mind absorb vitality;
Clearly the celestial intent reveal truth.
When you understand this mechanism,
You know how to gather medicine:
When primal consciousness emerges from stillness, foster it;
In a while concentrated sense will reveal essence --
Myriad energies all arrive, and there is true bliss.
Take the reflection of truth in the world
And store it in the mind;
With active effort and detached attention,
When the power of the work arrives
It produces being with nonbeing,
Crystallizing the mystic pearl.
Yet getting the mystic pearl is still not the marvel;
Tuning the spirit and nurturing it is still more profound.
If the body is agitated or the mind is volatile,
There may be an excess of craving or irriation.
In the firing cycle, you must recognize when enough is enough;
Still and settle the three bases, and the great treasure developes.
Break out of the top of the head, the spirit goes free --
Then we'll walk together
To visit the abodes of immortals.

Openness is the great root of the world.

Seeing the basic, embracing the fundamental,
Tuning the breath, exercising sincerity,
Observing transformation, knowing return --
Who can do this unless utterly open?
All simply transmit one openness.
Throughout all time, those who have transcended
Have done the work from within openness.
Openness and sincerity are the essence of alchemy.